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Building CodeAMP
DescriptionAmphitheatre & Plaza Quads
Notes *Coordinate with grounds so water is turned off 48 hours before the event; contact Jeff Wyne. (496-2621) * 24 Hour notice for change of venue to your backup location, if applicable. * No ticketing and ushering support for event or back-up venue. * Tables and chairs are self-setup from stock located under the veranda on the west side of the McKay Library. * For safety, walkway lights will remain on..
Room CodeAMP
DescriptionAmphitheatre Pavilion
Room TypePerformance Hall/Stage
Setup Hours0.00
Teardown Hours0.00
Notes350, if they all sit on the edge of the circular walls that look down into the “performance” space.
700, if in addition to sitting on circular wall there were blankets behind front row of people
2000, if people standing on each of the tiers (they can’t stand on the sidewalks and block the fire lanes)

When scheduling the amphitheater quad, we must tell grounds two days in advance to make sure the water is turned off-so the water doesn’t come on during the event and so the grass is not wet.
Setup Types and Capacities
Setup TypeMin CapacityMax Capacity
Fixed Bench Seating0350
Fixed Seating plus Chairs0700
Open Space02000
No Features Defined